Continues free show English-language films for students

In the framework of the project of free English language courses English Capital, organized by the Kyiv city head, continuing the initiative of film screenings in the original language.

The network of cinemas MULTIPLEX provides an opportunity for students to attend such shows on a monthly basis. This was reported in the press service of the KSCA. Continue reading

Infiniti offers students a job in Formula 1″

The Japanese company for the production of cars Infiniti launched an educational project called the Infiniti Engineering Academy. This program gives the opportunity to the successful students of technical universities in Europe to start a career in the “Formula 1″ or to take part in the production of branded cars. Continue reading

Apple has patented a new technology

New option in agatah Apple: from now on, branney vocabulary in the online audio files will automatically be replaced.

The technology will be able to scan audio files to find foul language and expressions and then delete them. No final decision on what will replace the expletives, but the developers already have ideas about that. Continue reading

Scientists got the alchemical manuscript of Newton

The chemical heritage Foundation of the USA has acquired the manuscript, which for several decades was in a private collection.

In 1936, along with other documents from the archive of the Isaac Newton manuscript sold by Sotheby’s in London. At the same time a lot of documents bought by private collectors, but over time most of the paperwork, or gave state institutions, or sold them. Continue reading