5-year-old boy broke up the sports car to the speed of the missile (video)

A boy from Kazakhstan became a worldwide Internet sensation, writes fakty.ictv.ua. For this he had only to sit down to dad in the car. The first time Timothy Avdeev, living in Kazakhstan, he sat in his dad Anton in cars in 2013. Then the boy was three years old, and that’s how he took on that trip:

In 2014, Timothy decided to repeat the feat and was again in the passenger seat next to a fearless father. That’s what the boy thought about the trip this time.

And finally, in the current 2015 history repeated itself. Matured for 5-year-old Timothy again decided to ride with dad. As you can see, over the years, the boy has honed and perfected the art of expressing emotions with the face. Enjoy.

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