After the re-certification of GAI in Donetsk region has missed 30% of staff

Nearly 80 employees of the State automobile inspection of Donetsk region will be dismissed or sent into retirement or transferred to another job in connection with the failure of recertification, writes

About it reports a press-service of Department of GAI of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

It is noted that recertification, which began on July 23, passed 451 policeman. By results of certification, 79 officers will be transferred to positions with a smaller amount of work, sent into retirement or dismissed. Based on the results of recertification nedokomplekt traffic police in the region have reached 30%.

The Deputy chief of Department of traffic police of the interior Ministry, Vladislav Crickley, noted a fairly high level of professional training of police officers.

“This is the first filter, because it will soon begin the selection of the National police of Ukraine. Evaluation criteria candidates will be even tougher, so work will remain only the best”, – he stressed.

In turn, the mayor of Mariupol, Yuri khotlubey suggested the law enforcement agencies to solve staffing issues, having addressed to heads of municipal enterprises, which are forced to reduce its workforce.

“I am sure that in Mariupol there are young people who will be worthy to work in the police and to protect public order”, – he said.

Chief GU MVD of Ukraine in Donetsk region, Vyacheslav Abroskin, said earlier that a significant number of employees of the State automobile inspection of Donetsk region will be released and then immediately begin re-certification.

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