Drunk driving: the driver of record

Traffic police of Bashkiria named the record for the number of protocols for the management of transport in a drunken state, writes autodriving.net

In one of areas of Bashkiria lives of 43-year-old man, of which, traffic police caught drunk 35 times: “This is already a citizen, the court automatically appointed to 15 days of arrest. He is deprived of the driving license for a long time, but that it did not stop. For all these violations, he must, before the end of life is not to return the rights”, — said the main state car inspector of Republic Dinar Gelmutdinov.

Thus, if to assume that record-the offender received a driver’s license in 18 years, it turns out that he was caught drunk more than once a year! In second place in the number of violations a driver with 28 protocols. However, up 462 resident of Bashkiria more than 10 times (!) were drunk driving.

However, if all these motorists wanted to drive drunk, they were liable to prosecution and likely imprisonment.

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