Mercedes-Benz are preparing to conquer new horizons

By the end of 2018, Mercedes-Benz is planning to release a new truck, writes

Followers of the brand Mercedes-Benz will be pleasantly surprised by the message that in the near future, the Germans plan to launch production of a new truck. According to the press service of the automobile group Daimler AG the new Mercedes pickup truck will be built on the Nissan Navara, and production itself will be manufactured at Nissan plants in Cordoba (Argentina) and Barcelona (Spain).

German engineers stressed that a new truck will not be a typical representative of cars in this class, a kind of “cowboysgay truck”, who are accustomed to see and to buy the inhabitants of North America. The novelty should create and clearly gain a foothold in the niche of premium pickups. From the above we can conclude that the price of the new car will far exceed the cost of competitors Hilux or Amarok.

It is expected that under the hood news from the Mercedes-Benz engineers put the 3.0-liter diesel V6, which delivers 258 K. S. and 630 nm of torque. By the end of 2018, a new truck, whose name is kept secret, can be sold on all world markets.

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