Taxes on cars in Ukraine: another 5% less

The government of Ukraine has promised not to renew the additional import duty for 2016, according to

This statement was made by Deputy Finance Minister Olena makeieva in the meeting of the Collegium of the Ministry of Finance. According to her, the additional import duty will cease to exist from 1 January 2016.

Recall, an additional 5% on imports appeared in Ukraine in the beginning of this year together with the law “On measures to stabilize the balance of payments of Ukraine”. Behind him, cars were taxed in addition to all existing ones. The law raised many objections among the members of the World Association, but Ukraine managed to prove that in a difficult economic situation the extra tax required.

But to convince the WTO of the need for the special duty on cars with engines of 1-2,2 l Ukrainian government failed, and the Ministry of economic development and trade has declared that will recommend Interdepartmental Commission on international trade to cancel this duty. The margin is 2.15 per cent for cars with an engine capacity of 1-1,5 l and 4.32% for cars with engines of 1,5-2,2 l. Thus, since the new year we can expect a decline in prices of some car models to 9.32%.

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