There are changes? In Kiev, road workers forced to redo a poor repair

Since the beginning of the year, re-replaced the asphalt on six streets, writes

Many years of road service say about warranty repairs. Before this issue is seldom raised and often six months did not pass until, as the road repaired cracks. For example, no luck Turkish company, which under Euro-2012 was involved in a major reconstruction of Bazhana Avenue. Because of the trucks which in the heat was passing along the Avenue, formed track. The Turks had at their own expense to resolve this issue. Basically the same questions about the warranty repair is rarely remembered. This year finally behind him finally took seriously.

– We get to redo the overhaul of the street folk, ” says Alexander Gostev, General Director of “kievavtodor.” – Two companies were engaged in diversions of services on the streets and Vladimir Zlatoustovsky. They re-shifted asphalt.

According to him, “got” and two of the district DEU, which have more time to engage in the reconstruction of two streets. As a result, six streets, renovated last year, at the expense of road re-reconstructed.

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