3.7. Automatic control of feeding carbon dioxide and dovey plants

Additional irradiation and carbon dioxide needed by the plants to enhance photosynthesis. The content of carbon dioxide increase in the greenhouse by burning natural gas in special burners (gas generators G to 4.5) or exhaust gas from boiler.

The control is provided by a given program from 24th — melon loop with a time relay (Fig. 3.6). The operator of the pulses G delivers pulses with a periodicity of 2 h to the input of the 12-position of the ring counter BD. Relay KU—КУ12 trigger with an interval 2 h for securing the intermediate relay КУ15. Relay /СУ15 controls the C02 gas generators, placed in the greenhouse. After disabling relay ЛУЇ2 the system returns to the initial state.

In the presence of the detector (“Teltow”) controlling the concentration of C02 is carried out by depositing law. The quality of regulation is achieved through two independent on-off controllers, setpoint which differ by 0.04 %. This enables the actuators and the control valves of the two groups gathe-

3.6. Scheme automatiche management dovey and a recharge of carbon dioxide

nerators. The power-feeding C02 is automatically locked at lower light levels, with open transoms and high relative humidity in the greenhouse.

Supplementary lighting of the plants is carried out using oprawa installations FROM-400 with mercury lamps DRLF-400 to software or automatic (with sensor) control mode. When light levels are below 5 klk five oprawa rozsadne plants in greenhouses are included with adjustable spacing from 0.5 to b minutes This eliminates current surges that can occur when the simultaneous inclusion of all lamps. In addition, the threshold first device has a delay of 1-3 seconds, which ensures insensitivity to momentary flashes of light.

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