4.1. The value of business letters in foreign economic activity. Kinds of letters.

A business letter is an important element of foreign economic activity.

From a business letter depends on:

1. Search for potential partners.

2. The possibility of establishing a clear business contacts.

3. Search and development of new markets for products and services.

In countries with developed market economies, business papers are an integral part of socio-economic relations.

Features of writing style, structure and content evolved and changed over the decades. Changed the technical means of training, letter writing and media. For example, computers, Fax.

In terms of the national reality, for well known reasons, business correspondence is mostly of a bureaucratic nature and is almost completely corresponds to the requirements of the developed capitalist countries in this field.

Regardless of whether a business letter is sent by regular mail, by facsimile, its basic parameters, requirements for the preparation and design of the text remain unchanged. The purpose of writing the letter.

Business letter is a source of information and at the same time, the document is usually paper-based, is designed to serve a specific goal.

Purposes of writing business letters may be varied From statements about the existence of the organization and list their products and services.

To the solution of specific problems, POV Azaniah with pricing, terms of payment, product delivery and various other issues.

In General terms business letters in foreign economic activity can be devoted to the following issues:

• collaboration with foreign firms;

• participation in trade and commercial activities;

• cooperation within the consortium;

• issues related to the preparation and implementation of the contract, the contract price, forms of calculation and terms of payment,

• secondment of experts;

• prepare international and national staff;

• claims and claims settlement;

• health care and other issues.

Functionally there are three types of business correspondence:

1. Request — response to the request,

2. The proposal (offer) — response to the proposal, 3. The complaint (claim) is a response to the complaint.

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