The big four in Howard Section 1

Big Four at Hogwarts
Section 1
A long time ago in a Kingdom lived in the castle of the two princesses. And call them Elsa and Anna. At the time She turned 11, and Hannah, 8. Elsa was modest, VitaScene,blobolonia Princess. Anna — rolling, freckled, Rufus daredevil.
Not far from the Palace stood a miserable hut. In it lived a poor family. And it is home to our next hero. Jack Cold. It was Elsa’s age. Jack was not a regular guy. Jack’s hair was pure white. And in spite of its poverty and bakumatsu guy remained a cheerful optimist.
The Kingdom was a forest. Deep in the thicket there was a tower. She was tall and decorated with colorful flowers. In the tower lived a girl named Rapunzel. Rapunzel was rebellious dreamer. And her hair was also unusual. It was long and reached the heels of the Rapunzel.
Not far from Rapunzel was a strange hut. In it there lived a lonely boy named Hiccup. His only consolation was a Toothless kitten. Hiccup loved to read, and the kitten always prevented him. At first glance Hiccup was an ordinary boy, but fate decided otherwise.
And in the Kingdom were neighbors. The Kingdom Of Danbro. And lived there quietly Princess Merida. But her life hardly could be called quiet, and Merida didn’t look like a Princess. The girl’s hair was regim like fire, and in the depths of her blue eyes could drown. And this beauty was easy to ruffle. And her mom is good. Often after quarrels with her mother Merida ran away into the forest on her horse Angus and shooting arrows at anything that came to hand.
No one knew that these six different people meet.

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