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Got caught by a traffic COP who takes bribes in fish (video)

In the network appeared the new video from Zaporizhia “Road control”. It activists removed the inspector of GAI who stopped the mini-bus, asked the driver to open the trunk and saw the fish. In the end the package with the fish migrated in the car of the policeman. The employee of traffic police claims that the fish from the driver he bought for 10 hryvnia, writes Continue reading

In Russia one more factory stopped production

“During a corporate holiday granted to the employees of the Gorky automobile plant from July 27 to August 9, the company will complete the modernization of production facilities for preparation of key project 2015 – release of all-metal van Gazelle Next, the first presentation will take place on 7 September at the exhibition “Comtrans” in Moscow”, – said GAS, writes Continue reading

Coolchain converted into serial electric car Peugeot Expert

For the fourth consecutive year coolchain Gregory Kuzmuk operates on serial converted his own electric car “Peugeot Expert”. And never regret it for an old diesel engine, which was replaced by electric traction. The process of transformation the car took two months. But the effect of such work exceeded all expectations of the designer, according to “Television centre Kovel”. Continue reading

As Kiev “cops” hustled machine: video blows up the Internet

The network has got video, as a new patrol helped the motorist. During the day it looked more than 60 thousand people, writes

After crossing the intersection in one of the districts of Kiev, the car stalled, but did not manage to stand for two minutes, came to the aid of the police. They pushed the car, which allowed her finally to go. Continue reading

A woman in the United States due to ridiculous Komi escaped penalty

A woman in Ohio went from Parking fines, as she pointed at the missing comma in the record, which she found under my windshield. She argues that the law is too complicated to emulate in full, writes .

It happened in the small town of Middleton, Ohio, where the special decree lists the specific vehicle that cannot be parked on the street for a long period of time. Continue reading

Rare but true: the driver thanked the inspector (video)

To the editor of the news of the STC asked the driver of the bus Vasyl Savchuk. Man wants to thank Kolomyia GAI. With him there was a nasty case. Went from Snyatyn to go by motorcycle and Separte struck the wheel, says

Managed dostavkoi transport to the post, there were on duty the inspector met with Pecuc. The driver asked the Policeman to help. Continue reading