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How to get a coveted job: tips from leading designers

Ben Blumenfeld, journalist Fastcodesign, talked with leading designers Square, Dropbox and Flipboard and learned how to behave in interviews to give you the chance to realize your startup and show it to the world. What do experts advise?
Understand the company and its problems

“Designers spend so much time creating beautiful work and training portfolio. Continue reading

Sketchnoting: how to draw the idea

Outline less, but remember the information better. The essence sketchnoting and why he was born out of frustration, learn from illustrated manuals Mike roadie “Visual notes”.
Birth sketchnoting

“I was extremely satisfied with the records that are made during various conferences and meetings, says the Illustrator of Rework, the author of The blog Sketchnote Army Mike roadie. Continue reading

“Word formation” platform of the exchange of loanwords

Launched an online-platform, where choose Ukrainian equivalents of foreign language borrowed words.

The project authors write: “Many words of foreign origin in the lexical composition of the Ukrainian language plays (or transcript translateresult) intuitively and in its sole discretion , without any orthographic or orthoepic norms (e.g. Continue reading

How to talk about books you haven’t read

Cultural event, among the intellectuals, talking about the book, in which every respectable man must somehow navigate. What to do when you are not familiar with it, as not to embarrass myself with dignity and to maintain a conversation, knows Pierre Boyard – author of “the Art of talking about books you didn’t read”. Continue reading

Motivation letter: how to write


Earlier we spoke about the types and features of what is referred to as motivational letters. Now – how to write the perfect motivacio. Experience continues to share Irina Sagaidak.

A motivation letter is a kind of mini-story about yourself. In any case (except in very creative professions) it should be written in the official style, given the rules of etiquette. Continue reading

Tools for working with text

Each semester students create dozens of materials – from current control to the bulk projects and dissertations. However, not all use special programs that can facilitate the writing process and significantly improve the result.
Step 1. Collect information

The creation of the text begins not when you open a blank file in a text editor, but much earlier – during the harvesting literature. Continue reading

Information diet

Now the news flow is crazy. Moreover, the availability, the transience of the materials, their sensationalism (sometimes even far-fetched) turn the news on something like fast food. As tasty, and use zero. In addition, it has a constant desire to read again and again – it’s hard to get enough even after dozens of news. Continue reading

Maturity as the balance of courage and sensitivity

Psychological maturity is one of the components, by which one can assess the emotional state of a person and his ability to control one’s own life. Maturity contributes to the disclosure of all abilities and talents of the individual, helps to develop the spiritual and material.

The psychologist A. Maslow created a list of characteristics that are typical of Mature personality. Continue reading

The cost of labour and “astrakhanskij” vouchers is not subject to personal income tax

The cost of permits on rest, recuperation and treatment on the territory of Ukraine of the taxpayer and his children under the age of 18 years that are available to them free of charge or at a discount (in the amount of such discount) by a trade Union to which Union dues are credited for the taxes (the Union member), or at the expense of the Fund of compulsory state social insurance are not taxed on incomes of physical persons – according to experts Kovel LIGHTS GU DFS in Volyn region.

Such a rule and the procedure provided for in accordance with 165.1.35 paragraph of article 165 of the Tax code of Ukraine.

Also please note that in the tax calculation (form №1DF), approved by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine 13.01.2015, No. 4, the cost of this treatment is reflected on the basis of income “156” cost of permits on rest, recreation and treatment in Ukraine.

As for the cost of the permit, which is granted to a taxpayer for rehabilitation of a family member over the age of 18 years, or permits acquired by the company, at its own expense for the recovery of their employees or their children, then the size of the tax to incomes of physical persons at the rate specified in paragraph 167.1 of article 167 of tax code of Ukraine (15% or 20%). and according to subparagraph 164.2.17 of item 164.2 of article 164 of the TCU in the composition of total monthly taxable income of the tax payer included as additional good sign of income “126”.