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In Kherson was opened street library

Street library opened in Pioneer square near Kherson regional academic drama theatre named after Mykola Kulish.

This project initiated and implemented creative public organization “Arthas”, reports “Radio Freedom”.

For the first time the library opened at the beginning of last spring, and she had to suspend its work in the autumn and winter. Continue reading

Preparation of tax invoice in case of using two or more devices PPO

Kovel LIGHTS informs that the VAT payer who carries out transactions for the supply of goods to the end user using two or more cash registers,on your own can decide on the tax invoices on such operations thus;
a separate invoice daily the results of operations for the supply of goods made through a separate cash register,in which the volume of supply and the VAT amount should match the actual amount of revenue and the amount of VAT that voragine in the z — report such cash uprate .
to be one tax invoice on daily the results of operations with the supply of goods,carried out through cash registers of the payer( including those that are branches or subdivisions).
The scope of supply and the VAT amount specified in such VAT invoice must match the total amount of revenue and the amount of VAT that is reflected in the z — report all cash registers of the company.

Digest of possibilities for April. Part 2

Study Session Bordering on the possible Migration, Policy-making and Youth

7-14 June, Budapest, Hungary.

Conditions: the organizers will provide accommodation and meals, as well as return the money for the road.

Deadline: April 17, 2015.

The purpose of the session is to strengthen the influence of youth organizations on national and international migration policies. Continue reading

Paper business cards in the digital age

“How to find you on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn?” – today it is one of the most common questions that we put, wanting to strike up a close acquaintance with someone. Sharing links in social network accounts, their own websites or blogs have become the contemporary equivalent of exchanging business cards. Continue reading

Seven steps to a successful interview with the employer

You are invited for an interview? So, your CV has interested the employer, and you have passed the stage of correspondence estimation. The interview when the hiring is the next step to employment. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare in advance. How exactly? Now learn!

Step one. “Paper” work

You will need to print several sets of resume and other materials you plan to show. Continue reading

Fire experiment at the University

To see a forest fire – not the most pleasant experience. And when you learn that it could benefit, but seeing this was a small number of people in the world becomes interesting. National University of life and environmental Sciences of Ukraine, the Global centre of fire monitoring (Germany) and boyar forest research station on March 25-26, conducted a unique controlled forest fire experiment. Continue reading

Blotting technology. Buttery — who are they?

Bluffing, buttery

Technology of Bluffing formed in the West from the word Bluff (Bluf) recently and today is actively practiced in all countries. This technology created any news or rumor, then passed proxies to third parties who in turn consider this information to be true. Then the information spreads from mouth to mouth, word of mouth is without a doubt the authenticity of the information, but which is either a lie or a provocation.

Who are Buttery (Blufters)? — This is a person who has received any information from, as they think, people you trust. Information is often not reliable, but Blutter sure of its exact authenticity, and disseminates information on through their friends, without checking its accuracy, and any facts concerning it.

Those who this information started spreading, the original source, called Scultore. Continue reading

How to get a grant for education abroad: five steps

Want to study abroad but don’t have money? “Study” prepared for you the tips for how to get a grant for education. Along with the benefit to the applicant, it will help you to achieve your goal.
The first step is to examine the terms and conditions of the scholarship.

Read all the conditions, criteria and rules of the scholarship program or a grant for education that you have chosen. Continue reading