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Cat cafe: coffee in a furry company

If you for some reason can’t have a cat, the gaps in communication with these four-legged can be filled with sitting in a cat cafe.

The world’s first cat cafe opened in 1998 in Taipei, Taiwan. Subsequently, the idea gained popularity in Japan (in Tokyo now about 40 of them) and began to spread across the planet. Now cat cafes can be visited in Vienna, Paris, London, Madrid, Budapest. Continue reading

Formula interesting journey from Anna&Maria Times

21 June in Kiev, travelers are going to travel Travelage forum, which aims at real examples to show that the exchange rate does not prevent travel. Anya Morozova, who with partner Mary traveled around the world for the price of a Macbook, shared with “Studem” the formula to a successful trip. Continue reading

Journey to the Carpathians datasetname

For lovers of green tourism and all lovers of an active holiday with unforgettable scenery nothing to find a better place than the Carpathians. Clean air, the smell of juniper, the coolness of streams and touch the centuries-old history – you can see and feel summer in the mountains.

Experienced hikers can cover several peaks during one trip. Continue reading

Extreme tourism in Ukraine: what to try?

For lovers of unusual holiday – a selection of places in Ukraine where you can climb rocks, jump with a parachute and to be overcome with extreme.

“Study” tells where in Ukraine you can experience extreme relaxation, how much it costs and how to prepare for the conquest of peaks and lakes.


Skydiving today is a full − fledged professional sport. Continue reading

Lake instead of a sea of options for recreation

Summer is in full swing, so it’s time to escape the city and enjoy relaxing by the water. “Study” offers a budget alternative to the holiday on the beach – journey to the lakes of Ukraine. About where to go and how much it will cost – in our material. Blue lake

3 lakes, which are located in Repki district of Chernigov region. Continue reading

Useful mobile apps for velemento


Recently we told you about the rules of the road for cyclists. I now provide an overview of mobile applications that make velodoroga interesting.

Interactive map of Bicycle Parking facilities in your city, rentals, interesting routes, veltinukai statistics, detailed guide on repair of two wheelers and other useful apps for cyclists − compilation “Studio”. Continue reading

The trip to Manyava

More colourful and contrasting than the Carpathian villages, there is nothing to look for. They say that all trails lead to the mountains. But, in the Carpathians, there are still some small settlements which have not been known until then as he will not appear there. “Study” will tell you that there in the mountain villages special and why you should go to the Manyava. Continue reading

Trekking the Montenegrin ridge of the Carpathians

“Study” continues to tell about his travels to Ukraine. This time we have prepared an itinerary of the Montenegrin mountains – the Alpine heart of the Carpathian national nature Park. Having overcome it, you will see the highest Ukrainian village Dzembronya, Brebeneskul lake, an Observatory on the mountain PIP Ivan and the incredible scenery. Preparation for a hike

Pack a backpack. Continue reading