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Underground travel: the top 5 caves of Ukraine

Crazy summer heat makes us look for an alternative to beaches “cool” recreation. So today “Study” tells of the caves in Ukraine, which is worth a visit. Atlantis

Near the village of Zavallya, Khmelnitsky region is located 3-storey cave Atlantis. Stalactites and stalagmites form here the intricate patterns of different colors. Continue reading

The world underground: the longest gypsum cave of the planet

“Study” tells how to spend the weekend extreme in the world’s longest gypsum cave in the Ukraine. The secrets of “Optimistic” cave

In 1966 Lviv cavers club “Cyclops” accidentally opened “Optimistic” cave near the village of Korolivka, Ternopil region. Today it occupies pride of place in the Guinness Book of world Continue reading

Music festivals this summer

“Study” continues the category guide summer events that you should spend the time and money. Our journalists will be covering the best of musical, literary and other events. And tell, what to see and how to have fun so that summer vacation memorable for the whole year.

We have been told, on what musical festivals of Europe should get this summer. Continue reading

Travel as a lifestyle

For 3 years Anastasia Chmil visited more than 20 countries. For her, every new city becomes home. She found happiness in myself, learned to see the beauty every time glances away from the monitor. “Study” asked a young tourist how to travel without discomfort and decide to go against the standard office work. Youth is the best time for tourism

“Travelling like the contrasts. Continue reading

Trostyanets: journey through the ages

They say the smaller Ukrainian town, the more it is interesting. This time: a small, at first glance, Trostyanets really has what to show to the tourists. The second in Ukraine, the chocolate Museum, the monument to Tchaikovsky, which has no analogues in the world, the fortress of the circus-theatre and a number of international festivals. Continue reading

In Berlin for €16: comfort and saving

In anticipation of the holidays, I will try to think about where to go and where to take money for journey. “Study” decided to ask the secrets of budget travel in Nina Lishchuk – experienced traveler, a photographer who spent my autumn trip to Berlin only €16. Nina Lishchuk had planned to attend the festival “European month of photography in Berlin”, which took place last autumn. Continue reading

Back in time: the schönborn Park in Transcarpathia

Forget about everyday Affairs, to escape from the hustle and bustle and spend the weekend in a unique historical Park, where you can meet Celtic druid. “Study” tells how for a few days to travel back in time.

30 kilometers from Uzhhorod there is a Park schönborn, who is rightly called the portal between the 2 eras Transcarpathia Austria-Hungary and of modern Ukraine. Continue reading

Gene the wanderlust of, or Born to wander

There are people for whom the opportunity to stay in their hometown is much better than the prospect of access to previously unknown corners of the planet. But there are those who passport always with you… just in case! Scientists of leading universities of the world have conducted a number of studies and learned more of the human gene responsible for the desire to travel. Continue reading

New format: the tour – it’s fun!

There is a stereotype that the tour is boring. However, Yulia Bevzenko, Desk organizer walks “Secret court” in Kiev, proves the opposite. Her schedule is booked 2 months in advance, wanting to walk around town a lot. “Study” I found how the “Secret court” makes people look at the tour differently.

In the past Julia Bevzenko – event and project Manager. Continue reading