Information diet

Now the news flow is crazy. Moreover, the availability, the transience of the materials, their sensationalism (sometimes even far-fetched) turn the news on something like fast food. As tasty, and use zero. In addition, it has a constant desire to read again and again – it’s hard to get enough even after dozens of news. Famous philosopher and writer Rolf Dobel argues that the constant pursuit of news kills creativity, breeds aggression and reduces immunity.
Significant VS new

Beautiful headlines as bait, forced to click on articles to read, follow links, read on. And all this does not imply that the reader should think. Rolf Dobel gives the example: “Event: the car goes through the bridge, and the bridge collapses. Focus on what media? On the machine where the driver was traveling, where, how many children he has. But really important is structural stability of the bridge. Because it affects the future.” Consumption of news is irrelevant, because to recognize it easier. Significant against – the main conflict of the modern era.

Blow to happiness

Sensational news do not give any valuable information: they only confirm the idea that already exist in your head, or raise self-confidence and make it impossible to properly assess opportunities. In addition, alarm messages, which has generated national media, only force the reader to constantly be in a state of chronic stress. Fear, aggression, tunnel vision, loss of senses, this is the consequences of total and mindless reading news feeds. News talk about what the reader cannot control. A daily reminder of this necromage turns man into a pessimist, full of sarcasm and fatalism.

Thieves of time and inspiration

Rolf Dobel claims that news created to distract the readers: “these are viruses that steal attention for their own purposes”. They attack the memory, break concentration and reduce the perception. People who prefer the “quick news”, later on becomes hard to read large articles. Attention is scattered, and logical links that is in high quality publications, require that the reader not just a passive contemplation of the stories, but the process of thinking, to which he was not accustomed.

The philosopher studies also show that news kills creativity. One of the reasons why mathematicians, writers, composers create their works in his youth, is that their brains enjoy a wide, unlimited space, which forces them to come up with new ideas. Rolf Dobel says: “If you want to reinvent the wheel, read the news. If you want to find new solutions, do not read”.

According to Rolf, for 4 years that he spent without news, I felt the change immediately: less frustration, more peace of mind, time and consciousness. Society needs journalism but in a different form. Today need stories that illuminate the truth. Large articles and books with a comprehensive analysis of the best brain food.

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