Maturity as the balance of courage and sensitivity

Psychological maturity is one of the components, by which one can assess the emotional state of a person and his ability to control one’s own life. Maturity contributes to the disclosure of all abilities and talents of the individual, helps to develop the spiritual and material.

The psychologist A. Maslow created a list of characteristics that are typical of Mature personality. They are all included in his theory of motivation based on the hierarchy of needs. The higher need that encourages people to disclose their abilities and talents, is the need for self-actualization or self-expression. Self-actualization is that the person seeks to become Mature. In his work “Psychology of being” Maslow argued that samoistyazatel are the elite of mankind, its best representatives, because they know exactly what they want.

According to the findings of scientists, a Mature personality make up about 1% of the population of the planet. Such sad statistics Maslow explained that a lot of people just don’t know their capabilities and do not understand the use of self-improvement. That is why they tend to doubt and even fear their own abilities.

A. Maslow argued that a Mature personality have the following features:

  • More adequately perceive the reality. Independent from the influence of any need or stereotypes. Have a high interest in the unknown, so always learn from others.
  • Perceive yourself and others for what they are. In Mature individuals devoid of aggressive forms of behaviour, so they do not accept such attitudes toward others.
  • Spontaneous in their actions. Prefer simplicity and naturalness. Adhere to established traditions. You need to treat them with due sense of humor.
  • Such people are usually busy not of themselves, but their task, a mission. They tend to consider their activities from the perspective of eternity and not the moment, to correlate it with universal values.
  • Barred from many events. Because of this Mature personality relatively calmly deal with the difficulties and less vulnerable to external impact.
  • They depend little on the environment. Have good willpower and can fight against the negative factors affecting the life. Prone to loneliness.
  • Are thinking outside the box. Each time find something new in the long-known information.
  • Mature individuals may experience anxiety, minor experiences, characterized by a feeling of extinction own Ya
  • Seek a society with people who samoustraniajutsia, too, seek to become Mature. Prefer narrow social circle.
  • Possess robust internal moral norms. Focused on goals rather than the ways in which they can be achieved.
  • Have a “philosophical” sense of humor. Treat yourself and life with humor but never make fun of someone’s shortcomings.
  • Possess creativity, which does not depend on the area in which people work. Creativity is manifested in all actions and endeavors.
  • Are critical of their culture: I feel the representatives of a certain culture, and humanity in General.
  • Maslow said: “If we die in another war or if we will remain tense neurotics, constantly be in alarming state the cold war, all this due to the fact that we do not understand ourselves and each other.”

    These words, written half a century ago, remain relevant for us today when we want to change and wait for the prospects. “I have my choice,” said Sartre. But the world demands of people choosing Mature and responsible.


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