“Word formation” platform of the exchange of loanwords

Launched an online-platform, where choose Ukrainian equivalents of foreign language borrowed words.

The project authors write: “Many words of foreign origin in the lexical composition of the Ukrainian language plays (or transcript translateresult) intuitively and in its sole discretion , without any orthographic or orthoepic norms (e.g. brief, digital, touch-screen, content, kazhual, time lapse, copywriter, haste). A significant portion of tranism not transliterated Ukrainian (mobile application, browser and others).

Given that such an authority (in the absence of initiative of public authorities) can only be a community, we are implementing platformu collective (public?) search matches for the Ukrainian foreign borrowing.

Everyone who is not satisfied with or are confused by the fact of the presence in the composition of the Ukrainian language unusual foreign words (irrespective of their linguistic status of lexical specification: barbarisme, etrangete, eksotiske, retranslate), you can add them to the online database of word Formation; we will help you find them acceptable for Ukrainian compliance”.

On the website you can vote for the best versions of the matches and offer their.

Photo: screenshot.

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