95-year-old pensioner from the UK broke the world record in the women’s 200 meters (video)

95-year-old Briton Charles Juster broke the world record, becoming the fastest Sprinter in the 200m indoors at the age of 95, writes Are | the Unity.info with reference on Zn.ua.

The former dentist from London who now lives in Switzerland, overcame the distance in 55,48 seconds, 2.4 seconds surpassing the previous record, which belonged to the American Orville Rogers.

“”I just broke the world record in the 200 meters indoors! I am over the moon with happiness! Thanks to everyone who helped me achieve this,” wrote Usher in his Twitter.

Note that User at home is the title of most healthy pensioner in the world (world’s fittest OAP) and he owns the records for Britain in the women’s 100 and 200 meters at competitions under the open sky. In addition to running Eugster has been well-known in the British Isles rowing and bodybuilding.

Interestingly, to play sports again, he decided at the age of 85 years, when I started to visit the gym. Now he slovom the website with blog posts and video messages gives advice to those wishing to improve their physical form to retirees.

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