A former student of Kyiv national University have made a breakthrough in mathematics

Domestic mathematician Marina Viazovska solved the problem that had troubled scientists for several centuries.

The first studies of this issue were performed in 1611, the German scientist Johann Kepler. The essence of discovery is the solution to the problem of stacking the balls in Euclidean space. Marina Wasowska doing the research for spaces of dimension 8 and 24 (the last in collaboration with other mathematicians).

As a result of long studies by Ukrainian scientists have shown that the best way of stacking the balls in Euclidean space of dimension 8 was the E8 lattice and 24 is the Leech lattice. They were the point of intersection of different mathematical areas of number theory, combinatorics, hyperbolic geometry, and physics and string theory. However, to determine the exact reasons for such results of mathematics can not yet.

The discovery is of great practical importance. Visualization of stacking the balls in a multidimensional space associated with codes of detection and correction of errors in mobile phones, the Internet and space exploration – for sending messages through the channel with noise.

March 14 was published her article, which preceded the opening. In the past the girl was a student of mechanics and mathematics faculty of Kyiv national University and now works in Humboldtiana the University of Berlin.

Photo: unplash.com

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