A prominent American economist caught students cheating

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Teacher “one of the best American universities” asked the co-author of the best-seller “Frmname” Steven Levitt to calculate students who cheated on the exam.

Levitt and his colleague from Taganskogo national University Ming-Jen Lynn investigated the responses of 242 students in the exam and the way in which they were planted. It turned out more than 10% of the students cheated – quite clearly, conspicuously from the answers. The researchers compared the errors of students who were sitting nearby, and realized that they have 1.1 common wrong answer more than the total number of the same errors – 2,34. This difference cannot be attributed to statistical error. The six most suspicious pairs of students lost the scholarship.

Steven Levitt is a prominent American economist, lecturer at the University of Chicago and one of the authors of the book “Frmname”, which sold chetyrehmetrovoy edition. Levitt explores non-obvious relationships between events by using almost endless possibilities of statistics.

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