Actor Harrison Ford crashed a small plane in the USA (video)

Hollywood actor Harrison Ford came on Thursday, 5 March, in aircraft accident when his plane crashed on the field for the game of Golf in the suburbs of Los Angeles, reports |

“”The actor is alive but suffered multiple injuries, including head,” reports the online edition of TMZ.

This information was confirmed by the Los Angeles police Department.

“”He was taken to hospital in a stable condition”, — told in the police Department of Los Angeles.

The police reported that the cause of the accident was a technical malfunction.

Harrison Ford born July 13 1942 in Chicago. Began acting in films in 1964, and later became one of the highest paid actors of Hollywood.

Worldwide fame brought him the role of a space pilot Han Solo in the film series Star wars ” and the archaeologist-adventurer Indiana Jones. Ford has starred in many Hollywood films, which brought record-breaking box office, including air force one and the Fugitive.

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