“All I can do is pain and hatred. Because I am a Russian occupier” (video)

In a network there was video response to a propaganda video “I am a Russian occupier”, which gained great popularity on the Internet, reports | Unity.info.

We will remind, in the video voice-overs on behalf of the so-called “Russian occupant” talks about the advantage of the “Russian world” in a number of countries and the challenges there are the same countries in our days when the Russians left the territory.

In response to this video in the network appeared another video with a similar name, “I am a Russian occupier”, but this time the voice over tells about the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, Finland, Poland, Japan, Budapest, Prague, Tbilisi and Vilnius. Remembers “the occupier” of the Holodomor in Ukraine, the Alliance with Adolf Hitler before the Second World war and the persecution of dissidents.

“”I arranged the Holodomor in Ukraine, the famine killed millions of people. I became an ally of Hitler and unleashed the Second World war. I drowned in the blood of Budapest in ’56, Prague — 68-m, 89 in Tbilisi, Vilnius in’ 91. I was building concentration camps and persecuted dissent. I never learned to build roads, to do home appliances and clothes,” says “the occupier”.

The story, in which appear on the screen a drop of blood, illustrated by snapshots of the devastation, the dead and wounded.

“”All I can do is pain and hatred. And today I come to you because I am a Russian occupier” — says the VoiceOver.

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