Another convoy brought from Russia Donbass “humanitarian aid”

Extraordinary automobile convoy of the EMERCOM of Russia with humanitarian aid for the Donetsk and Luhansk regions on Sunday morning, crossed the state border according to the with reference to RBC.

This was reported to journalists by the Deputy head of the National center for crisis management EMERCOM of Russia Oleg Voronov.

Before the border column was divided into two parts. One of them arrived at the checkpoint “Donetsk” and “Matveev Kurgan”, where they undergo customs clearance and border control. From point “Matveyev Kurgan” cars will go to Donetsk, and from the checkpoint “Donetsk” — to Lugansk.

Employees of the border guard and customs services of Ukraine do not take part in the customs procedures.

More than 80 cars driven in the Donetsk and Lugansk more than 700 tons of humanitarian cargo. Among them, mineral fertilizers and seeds for the spring sowing, and also building materials to repair damaged buildings.

17 the so-called Putin’s humanitarian convoy crossing Ukrainian border on 4 March this year. According to the State border service of Ukraine, the convoy drove into the occupied Donbas negusanti goods, namely petrol, oil and lubricants and banners.

“While the majority of the cars was carrying a cargo of non-humanitarian nature, namely: 41 car — fuel and lubricants, 1 — promotional banners of an unknown content”, — noted in state frontier service.

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