Apple and Google will predict the behavior of users

Apple and Google are going to release during the fall of technology that will anticipate the needs of smartphone users.

About it writes The Wall Street Journal.

New technology for smartphones will examine the activity of the user and to provide information before he made a request for it. Company different have come to develop such technology.

Portable Apple assistant, which should appear in the ninth version of the software (IOS 9), will offer data on the basis of information that is stored on the iPhone. Google plans to use data from online services.

“This is a great battle. The company will try to emphasize their strengths,” says Executive Director of the research firm at securosis Thing Mogullen. Both companies hope to use new technology that will appear in autumn this year, in financial purpose. For Apple it’s attracting more buyers, and for Google advertisers.

In addition, the feature that will allow you to anticipate the actions of users, will also be crucial for the development of “smart hours” and the so-called “connected cars” (integrated with smartphones).

The efforts of Google and Apple is part of the growing trend towards creating “digital assistants”.

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