Carpenter complains Merkel (video)

The self-proclaimed head of the unrecognized “people’s Republic of Luhansk” Igor Plotnitsky made a video message to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande, reports Have |

In the video Carpenter acknowledges the fact that the economy is “LNB” driven to the critical state, pensions and social allowances are not paid, there is an acute shortage of the hryvnia, and appeals to European leaders asking for assistance in restoring the banking system “people’s republics”, for the deficit of the hryvnia has reached such severity that citizens and small businesses are already doing the calculations in all available currencies — Euro, dollars and roubles.

The leader of the “LNB” also said “Slippers”, what should I do in order to improve the formation of “the Republic”. In particular, send from Europe professionals to restore the banking system, to impose sanctions against a number of Ukrainian leaders and to suspend financial assistance to Ukraine.

“We appeal to you as the guarantors of the Complex of measures on implementation of the Minsk agreements, with the request:

1. Send to Donetsk and Lugansk experts from your countries for technical assistance in the rehabilitation of the banking system of Donbass. We guarantee safety for your staff and accompanying persons.

2. To prohibit entry to the EU territory for crimes against humanity against our nation, for the mass human rights violations, killings of civilians by using military terror and economic blockade as the citizens of Ukraine: Yatsenyuk, Poltorak, Turchynov, Avakov, Lozhkin, Kolomoisky.

3. To suspend financial assistance to the anti-popular government of Yatsenyuk-Avakov as long as they do not provide the conditions for the lifting of the economic blockade from Donbass and political settlement of the conflict”, — said Carpenter.


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