ChangeCamp invites youth at national conference

Odessa invites youth nationwide youth conference to create social projects ChangeCamp from 14 to 16 August.

It will be held at the recreation center in Zatoka (Odessa region).

Why do we need such an initiative? The organizers explain that in large cities social projects receive support from businesses, investors and government to solve local problems faster and better – this applies legality, improvement, relief and resettlement, education and other socially-important issues. But, the farther away from regional centers, the less people willing to take responsibility for change.

The conference was organized by the Association of youth movements “YouthMatters”, includes HUB Volunteer Service, AIESEC, Sife, debate Federation of Ukraine, the Club of initiative youth “why?” lab social studies Lab Inquire, Vyshivankovy Festival, the internship programme of the city Council “New Future”.

Spring pilot project StudCamp 2015, in order to enhance the Odessa youth was the largest youth conference in the region since Independence, bringing together more than 300 participants. The conference was made by Mr Solomko (Director of Google Ukraine), Valeriy Pekar and other teachers of the Kyiv Mohyla business school, leaders of youth organizations.

The project operates with the support of Impact HUB Odessa: centre of social initiatives of the Ukrainian and Odessa’s first co-working space.

More info on the project page in the social network.

Photo: the social network.

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