Compromises with Kiev is no longer possible — the statement of the separatists

The self-proclaimed “DND” and “LNB” believe that after taken yesterday in the Verkhovna Rada of documents on the status of Donbass, there are no compromises with Kiev is no longer possible. This is stated in the joint statement of the heads of the republics Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Carpentry, reports ! with reference to the Correspondent.

“”DND” and “LNB” declare that any compromises with Kiev is impossible until then, until cancelled yesterday’s shameful decision Poroshenko and the Verkhovna Rada”, — said in a statement.

The separatists say that the previously agreed on special status of Donbas as part of the renewed Ukraine, although our people want full independence … But Ukraine is not updated”, — stated the head of the separatists.

“”Denying the Donbass special status, Kiev crushed the fragile Minsk world and brought the situation to a deadlock”, — the document says.

In addition, the separatists have listed the violation of Kiev Minsk agreements. So, in their opinion, the document Poroshenko lists only front-line city the zone ATO, not all, some of the September agreements.

Also, according to the separatists, in the law on the special status was not agreed amendment on the elections.

“”Thus completely ignored p. p. 4 and 12 of the Minsk Complex of measures of 12 February, obliging Kiev to discuss and agree on the modalities and issues concerning local elections, with representatives of Donbass” — said in a statement.

Even the separatists claim that Kiev had broken the Minsk agreements on the timing of the introduction of the status of Donbass and put the issue of peacekeepers in the region.

“”The conclusion is obvious: Kiev does not want peace. He seeks violence and the economic blockade to destroy the Donbass”, — summed up the head of the “DND” and “LNB”.

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