Crimeans will soon be deprived of international domain names

All domain names owned by the Crimeans in international zones should be removed until March 15 at the request of the Corporation on management of domain names and IP addresses, ICANN.

It is reported by Kryminform with reference to the support of the Russian Registrar

International domain names are owned, for example .com .net .org .info and several others, do not indicate the country.

“In connection with the requirement of ICANN that all domain names in international zones that are registered to residents of the Crimea will be removed from 15 March 2015,” said tech support, adding that the sanctions were imposed because of one of the international registrars of the names.

At the moment it is known that under the sanctions were the largest Russian Registrar Ru-center, R01 and

“From the register of the zone, through which we register these domains will be deleted all domains of Crimeans”, — said in tech support.

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