Facebook has transformed the theory of six handshakes “theory 3,57″

In honor of the 12 anniversary of the analysts of the world’s largest social network has tested the theory of six handshakes, and proved that shaking hands actually need less.

In the experiment, it was found that on average every Facebook user knows of any other after three and a half of General acquaintances. In addition, users are offered with a special service to check your record and compare it to global, according to Platforma theatre.

According to Facebook, among users of social networks the ratio is now equal to 3,57. That is, each of the 1.6 billion registered Facebook sign in with any other person in just three and a half handshake. The rate quickly decreases. Thus, in 2011, the year it was 3.74.

All who have this ratio less than 3.5, may be deemed to be socially active. Mark Zuckerberg Is 3.17. One of the highest numbers in American businesswoman and CEO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg – 2,92.

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