Facebook launches Instant Articles — “Quick articles”

Instant Articles – functionality, designed to accelerate and improve the news browsing in the feed Facebook – will launch on April 12.

“Quick articles” will allow to process the news, using the platform of social networks. Now, when you flick the belt FB on your smartphone and follow the links, the news item opens in the built-in app browser to the corresponding website. A new feature will make the news element of Facebook, allowing them to be loaded simultaneously with the update of the tape that will be about 12 times faster.

The function will also provide news beautiful design, adapted for viewing on a smartphone. There, you can embed photo galleries, videos, audio, which will be convenient to use the reader.

To publish your news as a “Quick articles” will be able to attend, however, this function is useful for news sites. In Ukraine more than half of users come to Facebook mostly from your smartphone. Users tired of waiting until the news loads, and close it without reading. The new feature will allow you to prevent it.

Testing Instant Articles continued throughout 2015, so over a hundred well-known news sites such as the New York Times, National Geographic, Bild, Spiegel, Buzzfeed already picked up a new to adopt.

Examples of such articles can be viewed on the page in Facebook Instant Articles. However, it can be done only with the Facebook mobile application on your smartphone. If you look at the article from your computer, simply go to the website of the publication. For convenience, the “Quick article” Facebook means “lightning.”

Photo: product page on Facebook.

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