Famous Ukrainians read Gogol in Kiev

In December in Kiev was held the presentation of the book “Evenings on a farm near Dikanka” publishing “the Basics”. The distinctive feature and the main highlight of the new release was illustrations. For their “Evenings” were created by the famous Ukrainian artist, representative of a New wave of Ilya Isupov.

Participation in special project “Evenings on a farm near Dikanka” publishing “Framework” adopted: musician Dmitry Shurov, gallerist Pavlo Gudimov, the journalist Nastya Stanko, TV presenter Vitaliy Haidukevich, bard Aleksey Mochanov and co-founder of the charity Fund Olga Kudinenko.

Ilya Isupov, in his characteristic ironic manner depicted not only Gogol’s stories, and modern myths. So on one of the main illustrations is shit with the hammer, and above it shines the month — it’s an allegory for one of the Soviet symbols — the hammer and sickle. “The main thing in this book — the text, — says Isupov. — So my task was to emphasize the story. I tried to make the illustrations concise, so they complimented Gogol, but did not interrupt him. By the way, two figures I painted from the writer himself — when he heard the Church from the story “a Terrible revenge” and Catherine II “.

The book is accompanied by a special project of the publishing house “Osnovy”. The initiative of Nikolai Gogol read famous Ukrainians: actors, TV personalities, businessmen, journalists and public activists. The network has already appeared video of Ostap Stupka, Dmitry Bondarenko and Sergey Koshman. Today, the project was joined by new participants.

“The works of Gogol are an integral part of the Christmas — time of miracles and fairy tales.” — Said Nastya Stanko — “. So the idea of a special project I really liked the background of the war and the dominance of bad news reading” Evenings on a farm near Dikanka “was given the opportunity to disconnect from the negative information space and at least a little to feel the atmosphere of holiday”.

Recall that the collection “Evenings on a farm near Dikanka” consists of eight stories: “Sorochinskaya fair”, “the eve of Ivan Kupala”, “may night or the Drowned maiden”, “the lost letter”, “the Night before Christmas”, “a Terrible vengeance “,” Ivan Fyodorovich Shponka and his aunt “and” Enchanted place “.

The project was implemented by the AGENCY of special projects.

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