For suspected terrorist attack in Kharkiv the court chose arrest as a preventive measure

About it the correspondent of UKRINFORM reported press Secretary of the Prosecutor of Kharkiv region Vita Dubovik.

“”The court elected for three residents of Kharkiv region suspected of committing a terrorist act near the sports Palace, custody, i.e. in jail for two months,” — said Dubovik.

According to her, the court was not provided for them the possibility of bail.

“”All three declared suspicion in Commission of crime under article “Terrorist act” and “Illegal handling of weapons”, — said Dubovik.

As reported, on February 22, the explosion of anti-personnel fragmentation mine directed action in a convoy of activists near the Palace of sports it killed the activist and the police officer. Injured 11 people. February 23 at the hospital from severe traumatic brain injury died 15-the summer schoolboy, February 24, in hospital from wound in the abdomen died on 18-year-old student.

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