France lost the Olympic champion Camille muffat, who died in a collision of helicopters in Argentina

Among those killed in the collision of a helicopter in Argentina were French athletes, including Olympic swimming champion Camille muffat (Muffat Camille). About it reports Reuters, reports |

Muffat won gold, silver and bronze medals in the Olympic games in London. 29 July 2012, she set an Olympic record, sailing a distance of 400 meters in four minutes and 1.45 seconds. In addition, she received a gold and five bronze medals at the world Championships.

Just the crash killed 10 people, including eight French citizens. Among the dead, except Muffat, was a famous yachtsmen Florence Arto (Arthaud Florence) and the boxer WESTIN Alexis (Alexis Vastine).

The accident occurred in the afternoon on Monday, 9 March. In the air at an altitude of about 100 meters facing two helicopters. Their passengers were participants of the reality show dedicated to survival in extreme conditions.

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