Free Cossack spirit – the British band presented a new clip

London folk-rock group Mumford And Sons has presented a video for the song “Ditmas”.

The shooting took place near Kiev, but the main character of the movie was the Cossack, deftly riding a horse Ukrainian fields, showing a free spirit.

Video directed by British musicians Alex Southam admitted that while working on this he made many discoveries about Ukrainian culture and in particular the Cossacks.

“While filming in Ukraine, I started to do some research and learn about Ukrainian Cossacks, their heritage and history. I was surprised to find that there is a small but fierce part of the population, which keeps the Cossack traditions,” he said.

The Director said that the protagonist of the video comes from Eugene Cossack community.

“I spent a lot of time discussing our story and approach with Eugene breaking the rhythm of our story. Although the shooting was pretty brutal and unforgiving — in particular, for our hero — we did something really special,” said Southam.

“Ditmas” is a track from the third Studio album by the British “Wilder Mind” , which was released on may 4, 2015.

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