German University graduate took a new version of “Star wars”

A graduate of the Aachen University took a new version of the blockbuster. It was time to look more than six million people.

The protagonist of tape – Darth Maul, dark Lord of the Sith from the first episode of the cult Saga of George Lucas, who fights on light swords with the knights-the Jedi. Scene – the unknown planet. In fact, the events unfolding in the national Park Eifel in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The story of the new “Star wars” invented by the student of the Higher school of applied Sciences Aachen Shawn BU. The 17-minute film with a truly Hollywood scale – its final bachelor work. “Blockbuster” on YouTube has been viewed over six million people, writes Deutsche Welle.

The young Director literally woke up famous: the phone was ringing off the hook, emails have been overloaded with messages. The interest in cooperation has shown for several agencies and talent from Los Angeles. However, the recent graduate is in no hurry to accept offers.

Shawn belongs to many fans of the Saga, the seventh episode which was released in December of 2015. As a teenager, he along with his brother, a well-known YouTube-blogger Julien BAM was directing the fighting in the light swords and then filmed them on a normal camera.

While training in Aachen BU he joked that it would be nice to shoot professional video even before it leaves the UNIVERSITY. The idea was supported by close friend Sean, the operator VI-Dan Tran. The main desire of young people was to show that the fantastic world created by Lucas almost 40 years ago, still not fully exhausted and the proposed version of the events could well become part of common history. The result is a “film fan for the fans”, as he calls his work in his interview with “Spiegel Online” himself a budding Director.

The shooting of the film lasted only 18 days, but since the emergence of the idea to its full realization, it took almost two years. Video finally assembled only shortly before Shawn posted it on the network.

Photo: screenshot

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