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According to the survey HeadHunter, are the most prestigious, the Ukrainians called the IT profession. Consider low-prestige occupations, as well as work in the service sector.

Traditionally, the ranking of the most prestigious professions led by the IT industry. Second place was taken by businessmen and business owners, ahead of top managers and salaried Directors of companies. The fourth spot is occupied by lawyers and attorneys. I just close the top five doctors.

Left the TOP 10 of the prestigious professions, journalists and architects. But suddenly appeared the representatives of creative professions (designer, artist), according to HeadHunter .

As before, most Ukrainians consider low-prestige profession that do not relate to intellectual work. First place in the ranking of professions is nipplesteen driver/taxi driver, the second – the representatives of working professions (plumber, locksmith, etc), the third staff.

In the survey participated 1581 respondents from different regions of Ukraine.

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