High-speed Internet will appear in the trains intercity and intercity+

From 1 September this year during the trip all Intersti trains+ intercity and it will be possible to use the Internet.

To do this, until August 31 2015 all trains of the Ukrainian railway high-speed company will be equipped with special equipment, the site says Railways.

Now the service of access to the Internet is available already in three trains intercity+: Hyundai Rotem HRCS-2-003, Hyundai Rotem HRCS-2-008 and Hyundai Rotem HRCS-2-009. Until August 10, 2015 equipment to provide services installed in another train.

This service is available for passengers of all classes and will be provided free of charge.

All matters relating to the operation of high-speed trains intercity and intercity+, in particular, schedule, service and sales of tickets, can be set on the company’s official page. Site visitors can also comment informational messages and Express their wishes about the running of fast trains.

Photo: stock-up

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