Hungry Lugansk: people stand in line for free food (photos)

Some eat it on the spot, many take. In queues, in addition to retirees, one can find people of working age and children, conveys

Photos posted online Valentin Velichko on his page in Facebook.

“”Today, the quarter of the Proletariat of Donbass started the project “Feed the hungry”. Residents in the area say many thanks to all those people who were not indifferent and took part,” writes Velichko.

However, the humanitarian disaster in Lugansk have not touched the layers of local “elite”. In the Internet appeared the video which shows how rebelled militants armed gangs “Odessa”.

They broke into the warehouse with stolen and looted humanitarian aid from Luhansk supermarkets the goods that belonged to the Chapter “LNB” Igor Carpentry.

The leader of the “Odessa”, a Russian citizen, Fominov (Thomas), who was outraged by the sale of humanitarian aid in the supermarket “people” (formerly ATB), which is headed by the wife of a Carpenter, is now in captivity and sitting in the basement.

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