In Ferguson changed the judge for discrimination against blacks

In Ferguson, Missouri, resigned municipal judge Ronald Brockmeyer (Ronald Brockmeyer) on the background of the initiated in Washington the investigation into the activities of local law enforcement and the judicial system, There are reports | with reference to New York Times.

Judge Brockmeyer declared that leaves a post, on Monday, 9 March. According to him, the resignation is necessary to maintain public confidence in the court, and also to help Ferguson to begin the process of “recovery”.

The newly appointed judge of the court of appeal of the state of Roy Richter (Roy Richter) check an earlier hearing and will continue to monitor the work of the judiciary.

The U.S. Department of justice published last week a report, which indicated biased against blacks by the police and courts in Ferguson. According to the Ministry, reviewed by the municipal judges decisions showed that in 95 percent of cases of persons arrested for more than two days were black.

As noted earlier, in Ferguson on 9 August 2014 black teenager Michael brown was shot by white policeman Darren Wilson. The part of the witnesses of the incident claimed that between the police and the young man had a dispute. Wilson began to shoot in brown and did not stop, though he raised his hands. The police claimed that brown himself attacked Wilson, and this was confirmed by the testimony of other witnesses. The incident provoked massive protests.

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