In Kiev will take place the presentation of the book “the Hat and the whale”

On January 22 in the bookstore “Letter” (Bohdan Khmelnytsky street, 3-B) will take place presentation of the book by Kateryna Babkina, “Beanie and the whale”. Admission is free.

“Beanie and the whale” is the story of cancer boy Cap who made friends with Keith, who likes to eat his tasteless pills. These books are a good start and a reason to talk with children (and adults) about the second, the people who live among us and together, but have other features that are different from our own, have its own risks, diseases and needs, but also should be happy. Fragments of the book will feature the presentation by the authors, according to Platforma theatre.

The event will buy the book and get the autograph of the author. 5 USD of the cost of each copy will go to Fund “Tabletochki”, who works to help children with cancer.

Moderator – chief editor of Buro 24/7 Alexey Tarasov.

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