In “LNB” people are forced to work during workdays and food (video)

In Luhansk residents of Perevalsk, which is under the control of terrorists from the so-called “LNB”, complain that do not receive the promised humanitarian assistance, reports |

Wages and pensions are not here for a long time. Now the leader of the terrorist organization “LNB” Igor Carpenter announced the introduction of work for their labour and food for the inhabitants of the occupied territory.

Journalists of local TV channel, which favor this Cossack gangs that in recent times conflict with self-proclaimed authority of T. SV. “LNB”, collected in his survey of the criticism of local residents addressed to the local leader of terrorists Igor Carpentry, which initiates the introduction of such “innovations” as the work for labour and food against a background of widespread non-payment of salaries and pensions, as well as almost complete absence of humanitarian assistance.

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