In one of the schools of Sevastopol installed passport control

Henceforth students will be allowed in school only after providing the diary, and for employees school has introduced passport control, reports UNN with reference to “Crimea.Realities”.

As the pupil of the 5th class of the Sevastopol school # 58, the Corrs Zoe Leonov, after spring break the students “were surprised to learn about the new rules”.

“ “The Director has set the passport control. The strengthening of security measures, she explained that the school can get crooks and thieves. Through it decided to take serious measures. Now the disciples were strictly required to bring a diary and present it at the entrance to the school. Students should arrive no later than 8.00 am. Teachers and school staff are in school on the passport”, — said V. Leonov.

She added that there were some setbacks, but students innovation “very happy” because “the school will be in full security”.

Parents of students entering the school building. In the case that they will need to attend a parent meeting, to get to school they will be able, upon presentation of a valid passport or other identification.

Simultaneously, teachers will apply to the Director to inform the school administration that the building “is a stranger”, — writes the edition.

Earlier it was reported that in the Kerch schools have introduced increased security measures following the results of checks “to prevent terrorism”, conducted by the local Prosecutor’s office.

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