In Russia created the “microwave gun” that brings down planes and drones within a radius of 10 km

Specialists joint instrument-making Corporation of Russia has developed a “microwave gun”, capable to disable aircraft and drones within a radius of over 10 km. this was reported by the representative of the Corporation, according to the “Unity” with reference to TASS.

“Mobile complex of microwave radiation created by our company — Moscow Radiotechnical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, is able to suppress potamocorbula electronic equipment Nishikawa aerial objects and attacking elements of precision weapons, — said the Agency interlocutor, adding that the development will show on the forum “Army-2015″.

According to him, the system is able to disable the equipment of aircraft, drones and neutralize precision-guided weapons, providing a new level of defense.

“ On the technical characteristics it has no known analogues in the world, — said the representative of the defence industry.

He added that the complex is composed of powerful relativistic oscillator and the mirror antenna system of management and control, transmission system, chassis mounted anti-aircraft rocket launchers “Buk”.

Specifications were not disclosed, but, according to the representative of the defence industry, the range is more than ten kilometers.

“When installed on a special platform “UHF gun” can provide a circle of 360 degrees. The complex also will be used to check resistance to high-power microwave radiation domestic radio-electronic systems of military equipment, — said the Agency interlocutor.

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