In Ukraine created crowdfunding platform for teachers

GoFundEd is a service that allows teachers from every corner of Ukraine to find financial resources for the needs of the class and implement projects that improve the quality of teaching.

March 1, crowdfunding platform GoFundEd began its work.

Any teacher may submit a project idea on GoFundEd. For this purpose it is necessary to describe the idea, implementation of the project and what result is expected after implementation.

Everyone can support the financial or organizational projects that, in his/her opinion, deserve the trust. Thus one becomes the benefactor and helps the teacher to realize his plan and to make the learning environment better for students.

After completion of the project organizers collect all checks about the financial costs, check to see in the course of the project goals has been achieved both quantitative and qualitative. These reports are sent to the benefactors.

The project is implemented by the public organization, the center for innovative education”.World.”

Photo: GoFundEd

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