In Ukraine will soon become cheaper cars


Imported cars prices should drop within a month or two.

About it reports “TSN”.

One of the largest car importers Japan through court has achieved cancellation of the special duty on imported cars.

Introduced a special duty in March 2013 for a period of three years, officially — to support national automaker. However, through economic crisis and currency jump the car market in Ukraine froze sales of new vehicles fell by 73%. But, even if you cancel the special duty, Ukrainian car owners substantial price reduction will not notice. Imported cars will continue to be subject to other crazy taxes.

“Import duty of 10% plus will be charged an additional excise tax is standard, and 20% VAT, and also we have now there additional import tax of 5 percent,” says Natalia Nikolskaya, Deputy Minister of economic development and trade.

That Ukrainians are buying the same cars at 60 or more percent more expensive than they are, it is surprising the Americans and Europeans. Prices in the Italian dealers, for example, will definitely impress the Ukrainians. For example, one of the most popular brands “Mazda 2″ costs them less than 14 thousand Euro, in Ukraine expect the car in the winter with an estimated value of far over 20 thousand euros.

“In the United States there is no difference, it’s a foreign machine, it is the American auto industry. You pay the import taxes, they go by weight. That is, if the car is heavy, you pay the 4.1% tax. Plus registration 73 dollar 45 cents,” says RAS of Appro, the seller of the car.

Medium cars under 5 years old are in America on average 10-12 thousand dollars. The premium segment is also almost twice cheaper than in Ukraine. For Ukrainians, these prices are still only a figment of the imagination.

On the other hand, the first step towards the abolition of at least the special duty of the authorities under pressure from foreigners, it seems, will have to be done. We will remind, special duties were imposed on imports of popular among Ukrainians cars with petrol engine cylinder capacity of 1-1,5 thousand cubic cm and capacity of 1.5-2.2 thousand cubic centimeters. For the import of such vehicles importers had to pay a special tax at the rate of 6.46% and 12.95 per cent respectively.

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