Japanese artist opened an exhibition of origami banknotes

Until 5 September at the gallery of modern art, Bangkok, Tadu last exhibition of origami banknotes Moneylicious.

According to The Nation, Yosuke Hasegawa began in 2006 to make hats the portraits on Japanese banknotes. To create this series of works, he used 205 methods of origami.

Hasegawa uses both current and out-of-use bills. The exhibition can be found, for example, Israeli Bank note with a portrait of Einstein, which today is not used.

“The most expensive bill I used 10 thousand Japanese yen ($124) with the philosopher Uciti Fukuzawa. It is easiest to work with American banknote, which depicts Lincoln and Indian, for which Gandhi,” says Hasegawa.

The exhibition also presents interactive video installation Vity of Gunma that animates the work Hasegawa. Vertically located screen shows the viewer, substituting instead his portrait one of the artist’s works.

Photo: social networks

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