Kharkiv student won the international tournament

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Student of KNU named after V. N. Karazin Kharkiv national University became the winner in the individual standings international League VI International tournament on natural Sciences.

The tournament was held at the St. Petersburg state University with the participation of teams from 10 countries. Team henna – “The Landau-Lifschitz Thirteenth Volume” – took third place in the international League. The team consisted of Irina Zaporozhets, Eugene Veksler, Sergey Kozhanova, Nikita Ongala and Anna Fedorova – students of 3-6 courses in natural Sciences. Nikita Anguk – third year student of the specialty became the winner in the individual standings international League tournament.

Competition at the tournament was held in two leagues – Russian and international. The teams faced in versemann scientific problems, controversies and the creation of scientific projects in the fields of chemistry, biology, physics and engineering.

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