Kirovohrad University will receive nearly one million euros

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Кировоградский университет получит почти миллион евро

Kirovograd state pedagogical University. V. Vynnychenko as part of an international consortium of 10 universities won a grant under the program ERASMUS+, the total amount of the grant is 930 thousand €.

A new project written by resonance-related enrichment of modern higher education disciplines gender lines. The project is called “Programme of Gender training Studio: a step towards democracy and peace in neighbouring EU countries with different traditions” (“Gender Studies Curriculum: A Step for Democracy and Peace in EU-neighbouring countries with different traditions”, in short — GeSt), the website of the University

The idea of the project belongs to the head of Department of applied mathematics, statistics and Economics University, doctor of physical-mathematical Sciences, Professor V. A. Avramenko

The main objective of the project is the development and opening of the Gender specialization of Studios on different master’s degree specialties in the universities of seven countries-neighbors of EU (3 Ukrainian, 2 Tunisian, 2 Moroccan universities) professional and organizational support of three EU universities. In particular, KSPU will be open this specialty for master’s specialty “Educational measurement”, which was opened four years ago under the previous international project under the TEMPUS programme.

The details of the project GeSt the University website promises to systematically report on the news.

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