KNU. Shevchenko began the struggle with plagiarism

1 April at a meeting of the School of the young scientific Council of young scientists of law faculty of KNU. Shevchenko discussed the issues of combating plagiarism.

Told about it on your page in the social network VK is present at the meeting of the expert Andrew Black. “Professor Anatoly Ivanovich Berlac told the audience (and it doesn’t look like an April fool’s joke) that in a few days will sign the order of the Dean of the law faculty regarding the inspection of the diploma and master’s theses of law students.

This check will be free of charge. But in the case of plagiarism, the student will be options for further action: to accept the revealed plagiarism and be expelled or to enter into an agreement with the Center, which operates in the structure of the Science Park (which will check the work for plagiarism) concerning the provision of information on the detection of violations (the relevant pages of the work)”.


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